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Plants and equipment for car and truck tyre retreading

Italmatic, with more than 7500 machineries installed worldwide, is leader in the design, construction and installation of plants and equipments for tyre retreading and plants and equipments for new tyres production. Plants and equipments production encompass the full range of tyres, including cars, truck, tractor, OTR, Avio tyres.

The majority of the machine and equipment for tyre retreading is manufactured in our plan of Capannori (Lucca), approx 6.000 sqm. In this plant are also manufactured Autoclaves, Solid tyres and equipment for rollers rubber coating.




Italmatic is a leading producer of autoclaves having their main application in the following fields:

-glass industry, using autoclaves for laminated glass stratification;

 -composite materials industry (for ex. aeronautic, building, nautic fields, etc.), using autoclaves for the polymerization of carbon fibers and thermoplastics;
-rubber industry, using autoclaves for tyres, rubber rollers, couplings, technical items, etc.;
-impregnation industry, using autoclaves for drying and impregnation procedures of various materials and components, like wood, metal, electric components, etc. ;

-other industrial fields, like the field of sterilization, health, etc.

The development and preparation of running controls for the aboe autoclaves are executed internally through companie skilled in software and hardware solutions, being part of Italmatic group, as a warranty of the max. assistance in a long term optic.

Tire buffing blades, rasps, carbide tools and accessories for tyre retreading

Italmatic produces buffing blades and rasps, carbide wheels and tools, portable rubber extruders and distributes a wide range of accessories for tyre retreading process.

The entire production is performed in the factory in Cassina de´ Pecchi,  near to Milan (Italy), with selected high quality raw materials and controlled production process.

Italmatic buffing blades and carbide tools are well known for their long life and quality.

Solid Tyres Comfort®

Italmatic produces and distributes a complete range of new solid tyres under the brand Comfort®. They are manufactured completely in Italy (in the factory of  Capannori - Lucca), with high quality and service standards at extremely competitive prices.

Differently from competition, curing solid tyres in two halves moulds, Comfort® solid tyres are the only ones being cured in cylindrical moulds with 6 radial segments and using three high performance compounds to assure their max. life.

Comfort® solid tyres are available also in the following versions: no marking, antioil, antistatic, high lift, with standard or quick bead (Flash).

Our Customers are important OEM producers of forklifts and the main distributors of industrial tyres for the spare part market.

In the same factory, presses to mount/demount solid tyres on/from the rim are produced, in five versions, to satisfy the requirements of each Customer completely.
Finally, Italmatic is specialized in the supply of complete plants and of know-how for the production of any type of "new or retreaded" solid tyre.

Plants for OTR retreading up to 63"


By the taking over of MGT, Italmatic boasts the range most in the van of computerized equipment for OTR retreading up to 63". The wide range of computerized machines allows to cover all of the tyre sizes and all of the requirements of the Customer.

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