Senin, 01 September 2014

Cara Kerja Vulkanisir Ban OTR

Cara Kerja Vulkanisir Ban OTR | Langkah Kerja Proses Vulkanisir OTR | Vulkanisir Ban OTR
 Lain halnya dengan ban vulkanisir ban yang sering kita bahas kini kita memperhatikan selagi meminum kopi di pagi hari untuk melihat sekilas tentang   Langkah Kerja Proses Vulkanisir OTR .

Adapun beberpa   Cara Kerja Vulkanisir Ban OTR adalah :    


Retreading Procedure - Peeling

Peeling is performed to detread the tyre and to highlight separations and rock injuries. This is vital in assessing the casings suitable for retreading.

Retreading Procedure
- Buffing 
Buffing assists by smoothing the working surface of the tyre this highlights small rock injuries.

 Retreading Procedure - Skiving

Time is spent diligently skiving all the rock injuries and separations to minimize the steel belt exposure. This stage is the most crucial of the retreading process, to ensure that all separations are completely removed.

 Retreading Procedure - Clean & Paint

Cleaning is done to remove any contaminants from the tyre prior to applying the retreading solution.

Retreading Procedure - Filling

Each individual skive is filled with raw rubber compound using extruder guns and is hand stitched in to remove any air voids. This is then trimmed smooth to the contour of the surface, ready for the build process.

Retreading Procedure - Building

Rubber compounds are one of the secrets to a successful retread.
Tytec hold a stock of various rubber compounds to enable a site specific retread to be built for individual customer requirements. The CNC computer, controlled by a red light laser system, allows the exact dimension of a tyre to be created. i.e: E3 or E4

Retreading Procedure - Curing

Tytecs Auto Clave enables us to cure the largest of the 63" dump truck tyres. This equipment is computer controlled to allow precise adjustment to the flow of steam and air pressure thus ensuring the correct curing procedure.

Retreading Procedure - Regrooving