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What Is a Retreading?
What is a Retreading? 
Means 'retreading' take casing dilapidated structure good quality and put through a process that actually update the site and sometimes tire sidewall rubber. Ban rebuilt then undergo a process of curing any new rubber casing and patterns divulkanisasi to develop the site. 

For years the tire manufacturers have to invest in product development to provide a tire that not only have the 'first life', but also planned to do the same in the second and even third life thereafter. 

Strong casing, re-manufacturing techniques improved, various rubber compounds specialists, coupled with the need to recycle and reduce negative impacts on the environment has led to sustained growth in the retread industry. A retread tires from a tire wear life, which may be the site down 2-3 mm and may previously have returned beralur-, or one that has been punctured and needs repair. 

The first part of this process is to check the tires to see if it meets our strict quality guidelines. 

On initial inspection visual and tactile inspection of casing running, then the non-destructive test shearography or scan completed. It detects the separation of the stick in the wreckage indicated will remain invisible and not detectable by the naked eye. 

If received after this point will then complete retread process. 

Buffing process removes the base and walls while the rubber is left to the dimensions that have been determined by means of high-speed rolling rasps and brush. Machines used in this process is to achieve the exact dimensions that are suitable carcass rubbed right to print matrix destined to run the computer. 

The granular residue and dust produced during this process is extracted by means of a high-powered fans gathered in large wagon recycled. Most of this material is processed into a pillow support for the carpet industry. 

After buffing the carcass should be ready to accept the building compound. First, in order to find every hole in the wall minute, charged carcass penetration detection process, in which the high-voltage electricity is passed through the tire while being rotated. If the holes are minute, the bow will be produced which stops the machine and identify locations for improvements to be made. 

Large hole in the casing is filled with compound and patched to rebuild strength and inseparable. Finally, the finished casing is sprayed with a water-based adhesive is ready for the process of development. 

Apply the new site or sewn into the carcass using a patented computer-controlled process. 

Continuous strip of premium rubber compound tire while rotating wind on inflatable chuck. 

The whole process operated to ensure the correct amount of rubber is applied to form the right profile and volume patterns required for matrix sites destined for. The fact that there is no merge sure tires are very balanced for the service. 

During curing, the "built" tire is placed in a hot, segmented, radial matrix or mold in the curing press. 

Ban heated to 95 minutes at 150 degrees Celsius results, while rising to 200PSI using an internal bladder that is placed in the wreckage. The combination of heat, time and pressure to ensure that the new rubber divulkanisasi correctly and produce accurate site pattern and depth required of prints. 
This is the same process as used for the production of new tires. 

Once cured tire was deflated, removed from the press and cooled and has been trimmed, they are ready for the final inspection process. 

This involves three further investigation. The first is a visual and tactile examination, in which a trained eye will see the imperfections in the pattern of the site or the wall as well. Second, the conveyor belt through a test inflation where it quickly rose to 110 psi for five second period. 

Any imperfections in the tire or weakness in the casing will cause the tire to explode hard. Finally, the conveyor belt through other scanning process known as shearography, which can detect even small separation or porosity that is not visible to the naked eye but will cause the tire to fail prematurely during service.
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