Sabtu, 09 Agustus 2014

Retreading Process

Retreading Process
All tires wear victim. 
Some of the lower level and the other more. In both cases, the tires can be redeemed. Over the tire casing is still intact, which is around 75% of all tires, retread possible. Ban regain its original condition and ready to be used as new.

There are several kinds of retread process available today. Method or mold retread process is one of the traditional hot. But technological advances have given this method obsolete. Instead, the cold process method or precured retreading process, allowing the tires to have increased life expectancy and better mileage guarantee. It is also suitable for all types of tires.

Precured retread process

This process requires inspection, buffing, develop, improve and heal. The polished surface of the casing and apply a thin layer of solution vulcanization. A quick cure cushion gum is applied on the surface of the tire. Precured site, with readymade designs suitable for tires built on it. The tires then wrapped in thin rubber envelope. Bonding is done in a separate electric or steam bonder for a specified time.

Precured benefit- Process
  • The rubber used for precured method is even thickness and density
  • The absence of high temperature and pressure to increase the life of the casing.
  • Suitable for different tires, sizes and applications.
  • Multi -retreading of the tires.
  • Lower cost per mile of vehicle running.
  • The various designs to suit different applications.