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Hot tire retreading process flow

Choice body longer tires (radial tire) .The tire surface must be sound, both sides of the tire does not have too big mangler.

2 Drying: Cleaning tire, then dry.

3 Buffing: After drying, long tread mechanically removed on high speed buffers.Then workers making repairs polishing and second sections, including the side of the tire.

4 hot-dip Building- tread: 
Tires buffed require a thin layer of cushion gum for the crown area.The tied flowers hot retreaded tires (as opposed to cold retreading tread, no flower patters £ © then used to Tyre building machine .

5 rubberizing glue -sidewall: 
After building tread workers filling glue on the tire side .then all tires are decorated with glue.

6 Setting the inner tube: 
Tires are built then installed heal inner tube to prepare them for vulcanizing ..

7 segmented mold 

curing by: tire is then placed in a hot dip molding machines are divided dip. During processing, the tread is to be printed with a floral pattern .After vulcanization molding machine, new tires retreaded tires take shape.It is new and has its own brand.

8 Last inspection: 
Tire retreading is subject to final inspection inspection.This insure that the tires only. that meet the quality standards of the industry, are not allowed to leave the retread plant.

Hot-dip equipment recommended

The most advanced product type center automatic capsule vulcanizing mold in China is divided .The retread tires is to be on par with the new tires, the machine is suitable for tire 900R20, 1000R20, 1100R20, 1200R20, etc. Also we can design this floral pattern according to customer requirements

History retreading

History of retreaded tires is almost as old as the history of the tire. Today, technology sound dip. Now, the performance of retreaded tires provide secure and reliable at a lower price compared to new tires.

Although retreaded tires have been tested and proven to be reliable, the majority of individual car owners do not want to buy retreaded tires for their vehicles for a variety of reasons .But as awareness improves, more and more people began to realize the importance of retreaded tires.

In fact, the dip is not counted as recycled tires in several reports of tire waste (solid waste) management. But the extension of product life cycles have contributed to a decrease in the variety of materials and waste disposal problems.

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