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Retread Regrooved tyres


Here are the differences between the retread and regrooved tyres:

Retread tyres | Regrooved tyres


Retread tyres

Are tyres which have already worn out its original treads and a new layer of rubber with treads on it are glued on to the original tyre. This is highly popular with trucks and buses as these are much cheaper than brand new tyres. If you driving on the highway you will occasionally notice a large strip of rubber tread sitting on the side of the highway. 

These are the retreaded strips that have come off the truck or bus tyres. It is highly dangerous if the retreads are not done properly and not affixed properly. Usually the tyre shop will glue it onto the old tyre but these glue or adhesives are not designed to handle the heat from the tyres when it is in motion, couple that with the harsh road conditions the retreads will come off very easily. Retreads have been around for more than 30 years. 

Dangerous as it may sound, the truckers and bus companies seem to not care about the safety aspect and continue to use this. The cost savings are very significant considering the average truck uses 12 or more tyres. Professional retreaders who have been in the business for decades will know how to properly apply the new treads. Retread tyres for passenger cars are not as common as commercial vehicles but as the world economy is in recession more people may opt for retreads to save money.

Regrooved tyres

This is quite new considering that it only was made available about 7 years ago. This type of tyre is highly dangerous as old tyres that are bald are regrooved meaning that new grooves are cut into the tyre tread area and a new layer of carbon black is applied to make the tyre look new. Every tyre has a certain limit of tread depth that is deemed safe however with this regrooved tyre, it is pushing the limits of safety. 

The less tread depth available them ore dangerous it is for the car. Small sharp objects can easily cause a puncture and result in very quick deflation. Tyre blow outs my also occur causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle. Regrooved tyres also cannot handle as much heat as a normal new tyre due to the thinner tread the heat build up is greater and cannot dissipate as effectively.

Making the right choice will effect the safety of your car.
Brand new tyres, retreads and regrooved tyres 
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